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* Optical
Optical - The optical type mounts infrared ray LEDs and camera sensors on the corners of panels and installs reflective sheets on the lower parts of the right and left to recognize the locations of input tools such as fingertips.

- At the upper frame corners, IR LED and cameras are installed. When IR LED reflects infrared rays here, cameras sense the light reflected from the reflective sheets. When you touch the screen, infrared rays are blocked and then cameras read and sense the x,ycoordinates of the blocked part.

- Infrared touch screens have a high level of beam transmittance. Monitors are highly resistant to shocks or scratches.
* Capacitive
Capacitive - As the both sides of the glass are coated with special conductivity, high frequency spreads on the surface of the screen when voltage is applied to the four corners of the screen. And when fingertips are touched, the controller analyzes the changed wave and recognizes the touch points.

- It is widely used in screens below 20 and applied to multi-point touch products. The downside is that it only recognizes fingertips and it is expensive, but its recognition points are accurate and it is widely used in mobile products such as cell phones.
* Ultrasonic wave
Ultrasonic wave - The receiver receiving ultrasonic waves is installed in the upper part. You can touch or write on it with a ultrasonic pen and use it as a tablet without changing the form of the screen.

- It recognizes touch coordinates by ultrasonic waves and reads the accurate coordinate points through infrared ray sensors.

- Its reaction velocity is fast. It has high-resolution. You can delicately draw on or touch it. It is highly functional but inexpensive. You can use it as a mouse. It is good for using in digital classroom contexts.
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