Smart Technology For Green Convergence&Intergration Technology
About technologies and products
Smart Media
Smart media devices
· Smart touch
  - Optical Touch
  - Capacitive Touch
  - Ultrasonic Touch
  - Hybrid Touch(Capacitive+EMR)
· Smart UI devices
 - User-Management Display
 - Multi-touch remote controller
- Haptic Pen
Smart media Solutions
· N-screen
  (Central control N-screen)
· E- board
Smart media Applications
· Smart Classroom
· In-Home Display
Smart Energy
Smart Energy power
· Hybrid PCS
 - Solar power+grid tie type
 - Wind Turbine+grid tie type
· Advanced UPS
 - Line Interruptible UPS
 - DC link type Double Conversion
  On-line UPS
· Discharger
Smart power Solution
· EV charger
Smart power Applications
· Zero Energy House
· EV charging station
IHD (In Home Display)
IHD (In Home Display)
** Features
Application Specific integrated Circuits.

- The company started in the semiconductor integral circuits business and possesses superior technology.
- If customers order semiconductors for certain purposes, we design and manufacture them accordingly.
- If you want to request a design, please click the ¡°Partnership and suggestion¡± button on the main page.
Ultrasonic wave touch solution (TG461)
Ultrasonic wave touch solution (TG461)
** Features
TG461 is a core technology which senses and amplifies subtle and mixed signals and converts them into digital signals.

<High Speed 32bit EISC Processor>
- 48Mhz at 3.3V
- General Registers : 16bit*7, Special : 16bit*6
- Break Point Register for Debugger
- 16bit ALU, Instruction Set Architecture
- 64Kbyte Linear Address
- 16 bit Multiplier is Executed in 1 Clock
- 3 stage Pipeline
- Little endian operation
- Efficient in Compiler
- Extendable Instruction Set (LERI)
Sound Supported As-MCU (TG471)
Sound Supported As-MCU (TG471)
** Features
TG 471 is a sound-sensing chip which is manufactured on the request of S Toy Company of Korea.

<High Speed 32bit EISC Processor>
- Internal 32-bit and External 8-bit Data Bus
- 8 x 32-bit General Purpose Working Register + Peripheral Control Register
- On-chip 1-cycle 32bit Multiplier
- Up to 33MIPS Throughput at 33MHz
- 1KB Instruction Cache
- 8 x 32-bit Break Point Register
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